Embrace Your Age!


I recently had a Birthday. And like every year, I celebrated my day. It was my first Birthday as a parent which I think is a very special thing.

But… whatever your circumstances, I encourage you to celebrate your next Birthday. I have noticed that a lot of people really shy away from it, and I think this may have a lot to do with their perception of getting older and/or feeling down. So, no more “getting it over with” and playing it down. It’s time to celebrate you! Be proud you’ve made it to another year. Think about all you have accomplished in the year that has just passed, however big or small these accomplishments may seem. Sometimes we forget just how much we have achieved in a year. 
Go for that morning walk in the sunshine, call that friend you haven’t seen in a while and invite them to a Birthday dinner to celebrate, and be sure to eat that piece of chocolate cake! It doesn’t have to be a party of 100 people; even if it’s just two of you, do something to mark the occasion. Or do something fun all on your own if you prefer, like going to see a movie.

Also, we need to remember that it is a privilege to be alive and to live until old age. Many people don’t have this privilege or this luxury. Be thankful for your good health. Whether you are 21, 51, or 91, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when telling people your age. Life can be hard at times – no one is denying this – but you’ve made it this far. And if you’re playing your cards right, you’re not only a year older, you’re also a year wiser. 

Embrace your age.
Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, & Thyme x

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