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Today I would love to share my exercise philosophy with you here at Hot Tea, Travel, & Thyme.

Disclaimer: Please always check with your doctor and/or fitness trainer for advice relevant for your individual situation and to meet your specific needs.

For me, the primary aim of exercise is **feeling good** (as opposed to looking good). With regular exercise, the “looking good” may come as a byproduct from all of your effort and hard work, but it is not the main goal. Feeling good is.

Tips for Consistent Workouts

Set your exercise schedule in your diary in advance. Treat it as an appointment with yourself, and like with a medical appointment, pretend you cannot cancel without a fee. This helps you to keep the appointment and motivation to attend the class or workout session (illness being the obvious exception).

Think of exercise as body maintenance; it is as essential as cleaning your teeth or brushing your hair. Factor it into your daily life.

It is counterintuitive, but the more you exercise, the LESS tired and lethargic you will feel (within reason). Even six minutes of cardio will leave you feeling energized and happier. One of my trainers back in Australia told me that six minutes was the perfect amount of time for a warm-up, but I still often try to do an even ten. Still, it is great to know (when time-limited) that such a quick session is worthwhile and useful.

Going for a short walk in the sunshine also can boost your mood! Exercise does wonders for your psychological (and physical) health.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are unable to pay for a gym membership or exercise equipment, walking and running are 100% free.

At first your muscles will feel sore, but each time it will get easier. Eventually your muscles will feel great and doing everyday tasks such as carrying shopping bags will seem like a completely different experience. (“Wow, they don’t feel heavy anymore – this is easy!”)

Rest days are essential. I really recommend scheduling these into your diary as well. The time out in between exercise sessions is crucial.

Everyone “lets go” of their routine or plans once in a while and does not follow through. This is totally normal, and there is no need to mentally beat yourself up over this. If you don’t do your exercise or healthy eating plan for a day or two, or a week or two, no worries – just pick up where you left off and start fresh the next day with your goals. We are only human!

Love and respect your body. For those of you with children, look at the amazing thing your body has produced: a baby! Sometimes I will be halfway through my yoga class, thinking how good the stretching feels and also noticing the sore parts of my body, and I will think to myself: it’s not about looking perfect or feeling perfect (as pregnancy and birth can leave us super sore) – it’s about what amazing things our bodies can do. They carry around our minds/brains, they are capable of producing life, and they feel absolutely amazing when exercising!

Pick types of exercise that you enjoy and that you will stick to because that way you can have fun at the same time, and there is more chance you will want to attend the sessions. Whether it’s dancing, jogging, aerobics, bike riding, or yoga, the choices are endless and exciting.

Happy days! And now I am off for some nice walks in the sunshine to attend my next yoga class.

Stay tuned for more lifestyle and recipe ideas, and tales of travel… and thanks for stopping by.

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x

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