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Our three month “Around the World in 88 Days” trip took us to Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Croatia, Germany, and to more states within the USA. Planning ahead really was key when it came to travelling with a baby. Our little one was six months old when we began our travels and therefore developed a lot during our time away. It was amazing coming home to toys that had not been touched (i.e. toys that were too advanced for a six month old) that our now nine month old was fascinated by. It was also quite amazing to see all the clothes that had been outgrown; we packed clothes in 6, 9, and 12 month sizes for our travels and it was lucky we did, as they all came in use during our long trip!

Taking lots of photos with baby during our travels was really nice as we were able to look back and clearly see some of the physical changes that were happening along the way, and capturing some of the trip with baby on video also helped us to look back and see some of the developments in baby’s skill set.

Considering today’s topic is travelling with a baby, I thought it would be a good time to list the items we found useful on our travels. It is a very individual thing as to what types of items are important for your family, but hopefully you can get some ideas when taking a look through this list.

If you are thinking of taking a trip with your little one, but are feeling a little unsure, I would say go ahead and just do it! You will learn a lot and will come home feeling happy that you succeeded in the challenge, and also happy that you got to experience some travel, which is always exciting. It’s great to get out of the house and see more of the world at any time, whether it be road tripping or flying.

So here are some of the items we found incredibly helpful and that made life easy during our time away:

For Flying With Baby I Recommend – 

Cool bag/box to store bottles of milk

Portable high chair to use in hotel room

Car seat and lightweight stroller

Spare onesies, change mats, diapers, baby wipes, bibs, burping bibs – for ‘carry on’ baby bag

Disposable bibs and change mats – optional extra

Hand sanitizer

Bottles of water and milk

Baby toys

Inflatable breastfeeding pillow (depending on age of baby of course)

Shawl for breastfeeding


Pacifier clip to attach to bib/clothes

Breast pump if needed

Spare outfits for mum and dad (usually a spare T shirt each will do)

For Road-Tripping with Baby I Recommend –

Breastfeeding pillow

Mirror to watch baby from front seat of car

Bouncer to use in hotel room

Car seat and stroller

Colourful mobile and toys/books for the drive

Spare bibs and burping bibs

Pacifier and pacifier clip

Big tub of water to refill bottles

Snacks and water bottles for parents

Car organzier/storage – hangs in car and stores bottles, drinks, baby wipes, snacks, phone, etc…

If you are considering travelling with your baby I hope this information was helpful for you, and please feel free to send me a comment if you think of anything else that would be of use. I’d love to hear from you and learn about the baby items that you found particularly useful.

See you next time,

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  1. I'm glad it was helpful!

  2. Bridget I love that you travel with your sweet baby. We started traveling with our children very early. They are so used to traveling. Road trip – no problem. Your baby will be such a great traveler ….Thank you for such great tips.

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