Summer Summary 4: Garden Goodies & Home Circuit Ideas

Hi everyone! Another week has come and gone… and here is this week’s Summer Summary:

This Week’s Workouts 


After my group run on Saturday I definitely wanted to schedule in a rest day for Sunday, so that’s exactly what I did. It was best to start fresh again on Monday and give my muscles a real recovery day on Sunday.


Run (mostly a slow jog as I was still quite sore from Saturday’s run) and power walk

Yoga stretches, including the new postures I am working on in my private yoga lessons

Foam roller

Home circuit – 30 squats, 20 jumping jacks (star jumps), 20 seated leg lifts (“chair lifts”), 20 high knee running (10 per leg), light weights – arms, exercise bike (10 minutes), 40 lunges (20 per leg)

Time Limitations: If you have a baby like I do, more than one child, or older children, you will appreciate the time limitations when it comes to exercise. The home circuit above is an idea that you can try which can be broken up into segments and really does not take much time at all. Every little bit helps, and even if I can just fit in something basic such as 20 star jumps (jumping jacks) or squats, little by little you can increase your strength and fitness and start to feel great. Give it a go sometime.


Morning warm-up: yoga stretches from home

Lunch time yoga class

Evening fitness class (body weight class) – It is amazing how much easier exercises such as ‘plank’ have become now that I’m running. The teacher timed us and usually it is such hard work to remain in position for the full duration, but I had no problem with it this time. All the extra work is paying off.


Morning run, power walk with a friend, and cool down walk to finish

Yoga stretches


Morning warm-up walk, then my usual run, and power walk cool down to finish

Lunch time yoga class

20 lunges (10 per leg)

30 squats

Light weights – arms


We woke up to the sound of rain this morning (this is unusual here in the desert) and it didn’t stop! So, no run or walk for me today. (We get summer evening storms and rain overnight at times, but it isn’t often we get a whole day of rain, so I got to enjoy an enforced rest day from running today – not my original plan but it was still a nice change. I decided to do 15 minutes on the exercise bike today instead).

Yoga – I worked on the postures from my private yoga session today, as I have my second session coming up this Sunday. I also worked on some “yoga for runners” postures I recently found in an article online. The yoga is really complementing the running so well and it feels fantastic to stretch.

Light weights – arms: I can really feel myself getting stronger the more I do these and it feels great.

20 kicks (10 per leg)

40 punches (20 per arm)

20 squats

40 lunges (20 per leg) – Like a lot of people, I have found lunges to be one of the more challenging and difficult exercises, but they really do get so much easier the more you do them. I might try to increase my lunges both by number and by incorporating them into a daily routine (so repetitions and frequency), because like most things, they become a whole lot easier the more practice you get. Try it and see! Lunges are such a useful exercise as they can improve your overall fitness; your legs are a major muscle group after all.


Morning run up the hills and power walk cool down

Yoga workout from home – in preparation for tomorrow’s private session (and to stretch from today’s run)

20 squats

40 lunges (20 per leg)

20 kicks (10 per leg)

40 punches

Light and heavy weights – arms (today I felt ready to increase the weight I’m lifting – progress!)

Foam roller

This Week’s Food 


We had some beautiful rainbow chard/silver beet (pictured above) with fresh garden tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh green chilli, lemon juice, and olive oil, mixed together (pictured below) with cous cous, corn kernels, and hot dried red chilli.

We also ate Hungarian Lecho (for the lecho recipe see my entry titled Hungarian Homecooked Heaven).

On Sunday I had a treat for brunch out at a cafe – porcini mushrooms and english spinach with diced apple smoked bacon… on polenta cakes … topped with two poached eggs. Delicious for a treat! 🙂

This Week’s Fine Music 

I can’t get enough of Debussy this week.

Debussy – Images, Preludes, La Mer (The Sea), Prelude to The Afternoon of a Faun, Nocturnes…

This Week’s Movie 

The Birdcage

Healthy Eating Tip 

I was never a fan of planning my eating week by week, but I have to say, things have changed for the better in that regard! I had heard a lot about the 5+2 model (5 days of healthy eating plus 2 days of treats) and for a lot of people this may conveniently work out as week days = healthy eating and weekends = treats. The good thing about scheduling your healthy eating plan like this is that you can easily keep track of what you are doing without even needing to write any of it down. I’m thinking I might try a 6+1 model of 6 days healthy eating, 1 day of treats to start with. I will experiment a bit further with this idea and I will let you know how I go with the new routine. 

Food for thought! 

Bye for now,

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Above: More photos of the wonderful garden goodies from my friend’s very own garden 

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