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Sunday was a very special day for me, as it was the first time I have ever taken a private one-on-one yoga class. I had been looking forward to this session for a while now and I really got so much out of the hour and learnt a lot. My awesome teacher made lots of great notes for me that are easy to follow so I can practice from home and improve on the poses. The main aim of the session was to get into some more advanced postures and also to really challenge myself, and we certainly did both of these things. There are still a few areas that I need to work on for strength and pain management after having a baby, and also now that I’m a rookie runner! These are hips, mid back and lower back, neck, legs, and core strength. I really recommend taking a private class if you can, as the teacher will completely cater it to your needs and your level, and so much can be gained in a short amount of time. I look forward to taking another private class soon; in fact, I’ve already booked the next one!

The poses we worked on:

1. Bridge (this pose is good for preparation for postures such as Plow and Shoulder Stand)

2. Half Shoulder Stand (works the abdominal area and stretches the back – very intense!)

3. Fish (an excellent counter-stretch to Shoulder Stand and excellent for the back and chest)

4. Pigeon (great for stretching out the glutes and can be very intense depending on the modification)

5. Frog (such a great one for stretching the hips – this is number one on my list to work on post-baby)

We warmed up with Cat and Dog (or Cat-Cow as it’s sometimes called) and Downward Facing Dog, and also did hip openers by circling our hips while on all fours (this one is known as Fire Hydrant). Pigeon and Frog have to be two of my favourite poses, and they can definitely be intense physically.

If you are interested in taking some private classes I have listed a couple of yoga websites below.

For Yoga in Central New Mexico, USA, try Yoga Del Sol

For Yoga in Sydney, Australia, try Flying Lotus Yoga

Before class I made a salad so I wouldn’t be hungry during the session, but also so I wouldn’t be too full, as yoga (and any exercise) can be harder to do if you’ve eaten heavier foods. I was really happy with my salad creation and I was noticing all the vibrant colours; the red of the tomatoes and the orange of the carrots, when it suddenly occurred to me that I would love to make a salad with ALL colours of the rainbow. So that became my mission for this week… and introducing… my Rainbow Salad! It’s a fun one, was surprisingly delicious, and works as a complete meal, as it really fills you up with plenty of protein (beans, fish, and eggs). Go ahead and mix and match any ingredients to create your own rainbow salad with all of the colours of the rainbow. So much fun! Here is mine:

Rainbow Salad 

Red Tomatoes

Orange Carrots

Yellow Capsicum

Light Green Avocado

Dark Green Baby Spinach Leaves

Blue … Tortilla Chips! Hey, why not when in New Mexico? (Blueberries might also work?)

Purple Cabbage or Purple Onion (or both) 

– known as Red Cabbage and Red Onion but they’re definitely purple in colour

Dark Pink Beetroot (Beets)

Light Pink Smoked Salmon or Smoked Trout

Light Brown Chick Peas

Dark Brown Lentils

Black Beans

White Hard Boiled Eggs

Grey/White Mushrooms


I always find a simple dressing of lemon juice and olive oil works best, plus salt/pepper.

Lots of love, and wishing you yoga and rainbows.

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x

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Above: My Pre-Yoga Simple Salad
Above: My Rainbow Salad

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