Fall Fitness 1: Next Goal – Run a 10K


Welcome to Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme’s newest segment: Fall Fitness! 

Autumn/Fall is such a wonderful time of year. The colours are beautiful, the weather is nice, and there are so many exciting holidays to look forward to: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then into Winter with Christmas and New Year celebrations. I really look forward to the colourful leaves, the home decorations, and the fantastic food that fall brings.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, there have been a lot of milestones lately: baby turning one, my first running event, and last night I had another mini milestone: I decided to get my bike out and do a short ride after not having used it since way before baby’s arrival. (The only bike I used a lot during pregnancy and post-pregancy was the stationary bike!) It was really fun to try actual bike riding again after such a long time. It might not seem like much, but after having a baby getting back into all of these things is a lot like discovering them for the very first time. Exciting, and with the added feeling of “Ohhhh, that’s what this used to be like! I remember now!” I am just so happy to be returning to it!


Also, after completing the 5K run a couple of days ago without stopping to walk at all, it has really given me that added confidence when it comes to running, and with regards to my thoughts on what I can achieve. In November of this year (in fact, just seven weeks away) there is a 10K run through the desert which I am very interested in signing up for. It is an event with options for a 5K, 10K, or a half marathon, and seeing as I got through the 5K without too much effort, I’m keen to accept the challenge of the 10K! I’m looking forward to learning more about this event and signing up for it as soon as I can.

So here we are, this week’s Fall Fitness, Food, and Fun

This Week’s Workouts 


Sunday morning I was craving more bike riding, so I went out for a 90 minute ride around the golf course, desert, and up to the mountains. It is such an enjoyable form of exercise – I love bike riding!

Yoga stretches

40 lunges (20 each leg)

20 squats

Light weights – arms

Evening walk


90 minute morning run and walk – This morning’s run was hard work; my muscles most likely are tired from getting back into the bike riding over the weekend. Still, I persevered… and it was okay!

Yoga stretches

Lunch time walk – although we are now coming into the autumn/fall, it was still very hot out there today, so it was a slow walk!


Morning run and walk

Lunch time yoga class

Evening fitness class – Tonight’s class was held in the gym and mainly consisted of weight lifting.


(Rest and recovery day)

Morning walk

Evening walk


Morning run and cool-down walk

Lunch time yoga class


Morning walk up the hills and around the university

Housework (That always counts as exercise!)

Yoga stretches


Early morning 5 mile group run – It was beautiful to watch the sunrise and the changing colours of the mountains and the sky. There was a much cooler breeze out there today which was also nice.

Yoga stretches – much-needed after today’s run

Lunch time bike ride – Today we are going to try out the bike trailer for baby. Baby’s first ride 🙂

This Week’s Food 

We had green chillis and tomatoes from the farmers’ market, with black beans and quinoa. Yum!!

This Week’s Fine Music 

We listened to Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev (this CD and book was a thoughtful and generous birthday gift for our now one year old baby!)

We also listened to a lot of other classical music this week, and this included composers such as Handel, Debussy, Respighi, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Elgar, and Rachmaninov.

Have a great week and see you next time,

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