Serendipity: Living in a Small Town


In another couple of months, it’s going to mark two years since we left the busy city of Sydney for a small town here in New Mexico. The adjustment really was not too difficult, unlike what one might expect, going from a big city of over 4.5 million people to a small town of no more than 10,000. Sure, there were some differences we noted – just one coffee shop in town as opposed to hundreds to choose from, and needing to drive at least an hour to get to a major city, but really, overall, the adjustment has been relatively easy. I think that’s because there are so many nice things about living in a small town. There are no lines (or minimal ones anyway) at the bank and the post office, making friends is easier as you tend to see the same people around everywhere you go, and people are generally very friendly here in the USA.

When we had our baby about a year ago, many people from around the town brought us goodies, such as home-cooked meals, a box of diapers, groceries, and also lent us items they no longer needed, such as a baby swing that has proven to be very useful for us. Now, a year later, people continue to offer things, such as a jogging stroller that wasn’t being used (serendipity!) and a bike trailer that was no longer needed, so we can now do some family outings bike-riding with baby on board. Joining the local women’s running group has also been a great opportunity and everyone has been very welcoming and supportive.

We have at least another year to go here in New Mexico, and I think we will miss it very much when we leave. There really are just so many wonderful things about living in a small town. But, we will embrace whatever new experiences come our way, and enjoy every moment of this adventure. Travel is fantastic, as is home life, and it is really exciting to enjoy the best of both of these worlds.

Stay tuned for more tales of travel and adventure.

Love, Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x


Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x

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  1. Adaptability is a indispensable life-skill and attitude to carry you through 🙂

    It's nice to enjoy the benefits of both locales, and enjoy the memory of what you miss, too.

    When I lived In the American desert, I certainly enjoyed soaking up the local colour, the local experience – the smell of the air, the strength of the sun, the varying temperatures, the faint tang of dust on the wind that promised either faraway coming snow on the Antelope foothills and higher, or the burning dirt-smell of baked earth which said the next day would be hot.

    It's so different to Sydney, and I appreciate it for what it was, and always return home to Sydney to enjoy it for what it is, too.

    I look forward to trying your local coffee house out one day, B. xxoo

  2. Thank you, Victoria! I love your description of what it was like living in the American desert. I hope to see you here in our town someday soon xo

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