Summer Summary 8: My First 5K


This is the last Summer Summary for the year, because… tomorrow is officially Fall! I have to admit, I have been looking forward to this very much, as it will be easier to get outdoors and exercise in the middle of the day (Summer in the desert can reach 48 degrees Celcius here at home). I have been careful to get out for my morning walk or run (with and occasionally without baby) between about 6am and 9am most days, as the Summer heat soon becomes too hot to handle. This week proved to turn out a little differently from my original plan, as we had some rain which is not so common around here. I was going to run Monday-Friday in preparation for Saturday’s 5K run, but I had to use alternative forms of exercise on the rainy days. Instead of adjusting my schedule due to the heat, this week I was changing things around due to the rain! Still, I believe that following a flexible schedule allows me to accomplish more than having no schedule at all. Plans do have to change from time to time, but luckily I could still work on my fitness goals every day of the week (scheduled rest and recovery days count too, as they are all part of the plan!) In the end, I’m happy with how things turned out…

Here is this week’s fitness, food, and fun –

This Week’s Workouts:


Rest day today – I took the weekend off and will be getting back into it first thing Monday morning!


Morning run up the hills, power walk with a friend, and cool-down walk to finish (I’m really looking forward to Saturday’s 5K run!)

Running the stairs as part of my run: 4 x 4 sets of stairs (16 x 15 stairs) – ascending and descending

Yoga stretches


Non-stop rain today so no outdoor running/walking (I would love to get a treadmill for home someday).

Lunch time yoga class

This evening’s body weight class was cancelled, so instead I completed my own circuit of:

Exercise bike – 20 mins

Mini weights – arms

20 squats

40 lunges (20 each leg)

50 punches (25 each arm)

20 kicks (10 each leg)

40 Romanian dead lifts (2 sets of 10 repetitions per leg) – This move stretches the hamstrings, strengthens the legs, and helps with practicing balance. It’s a move I learnt at my fitness class. (Just because the class wasn’t on, I was not willing to give myself the night off! Determined to stick to my fitness goals. I hope the rain soon stops though so I can head outside with the jogging stroller!)

Bedtime Yoga – Extended Child, Hare, Bound Angle, Folding Forward Bend, Half Moon, Hero, Thunderbolt, Through-the-Hole Stretch, Happy Baby, Down Dog, Walk the Dog, Three-Legged Dog, Dolphin, Reclining Spinal Twist, Half Shoulderstand, Plough, Leg Stretch, Kneeling Lunge.


Exercise bike – 30 mins (still raining today…)

The sun came out this afternoon but as baby was napping I decided to do some yoga from home instead of going for a walk. Hopefully I can go back to running tomorrow morning if the weather stays clear. I also wanted to stick to the advice of a runner friend of mine who said it was important to stretch even on days where you don’t run. So here are the yoga postures I did today: Child, Extended Child, Hare, Mountain, Half Moon, Reclining Spinal Twist, Down Dog, Walk the Dog, Dolphin, Folding Forward Bend, Plough, Happy Baby, Through-the-Hole Stretch, Bound Angle, Kneeling Lunge, Sitting Forward Bend, Half Locust, Full Locust, Boat, Sphinx, Thunderbolt, and some basic  leg and arm stretches.

(See my entry titled Yoga Sessions from Home published on 16 September for the full listing of yoga poses, organized into four separate sequences. Feel free to mix and match the postures into a sequence that suits your needs, as I have above).

Light weights – arms

20 lunges (10 each leg)

20 kicks (10 each leg)

Foam roller


Morning run up the hills and short cool-down walk *

* I woke up to the sound of rain this morning for the third morning in a row. Just as I was thinking: “I really need to add a treadmill to my wish list” the rain stopped and I decided it was time to head back outside for a run. Only 48 hours to go until the 5K so I’m glad I got the opportunity to get out there again.

Lunch time yoga class


A big morning warm-up walk, power walk up the hills, long cool-down walk to finish. (No rain, yay!)

I decided to walk rather than run today, as tomorrow is the 5K, and I think fitting another rest day in is probably a wise move. It was tempting to run but I’m going to save my energy and strength for the big day! As I am still fairly new to running (it’s now been 8 weeks of regular running) I am still trying to find that perfect balance of working just hard enough but not so hard that I need big breaks to recover. I am still contemplating ideas such as running every second day or taking more rest days.

Today’s Yoga stretches from home – Dolphin, Down Dog, Walk the Dog, Bound Angle, Reclined Bound Angle, Runner’s Up-the-Wall Stretch, Plough (always intense), Kneeling Lunge, Folding Forward Bend, Sitting Forward Bend, Half Shoulder Stand, Bridge Up-the-Wall, Through-the-Hole Stretch, Frog (also always intense), Thunderbolt, and some basic leg and arm stretches.

Evening walk – the weather is finally cooling down enough to get out to watch the evening sunset!


The 5K Run!!

I was looking forward to the 5K run ever since I first heard about it several weeks ago. It was a charity event for the local hospital (the same hospital where our baby was born approximately one year ago!) It went really well today. No rain, and I kept a steady pace so that I could run the whole event slowly (as opposed to walking and running, if I had taken it too fast to begin with). 35 minutes and I was done. Now that I have completed my first running event I look forward to the next one.

This Week’s Food:

Healthy Dinner –

This week for a healthy dinner I made a dish with kale, brown rice, quinoa, coriander/cilantro, corn kernels, garlic, and olive oil. Served with smoked Atlantic salmon. Yum – tasted good! (See photo below). 

Sunday Salad – 

On the weekend I made a salad with chick peas, celery, grape tomatoes, coriander/cilantro, red (/purple!) onion, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and pepper. So good! I love a tasty (and healthy) salad.

Lunchtime Lentils –

I also did some lentils for lunch, with turmeric, cumin, tomatoes, chilli, olive oil, and garlic.

So that’s it for the Summer. Today’s 5K run happened to fall on the last day of Summer; what a great way to end a fantastic Summer season here in New Mexico!

Stay tuned for some Fall Fitness.

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