A Delicious Detoxification? (aka Halloween Hangover)

I recently watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and it was so inspiring! I would go so far as to say it was life-changing, and you will see why when you watch it. It has made me even more passionate and serious about living a healthy and balanced life, and staying active too.

Coincidently, I woke up one morning this week looking like a different person, and not in a good way! I don’t know if it was food or allergy related or not, but I looked as if I had been punched in both eyes with dark, swollen, and red skin all around my eyes, eyelids, and under my eyes. The only thing I had been eating extra amounts of were some Halloween treats: chocolates and homemade brownies, so I figured now was a good time to do a detox and get my health back on track. I tried to think back to what I ate differently or what I did differently, and I suspected the salt and sugar from the brownies (?) but I really can’t say for sure. Other than that, my routine regarding exercise and eating had been the same as always…

I would say in general I am more motivated when it comes to staying active and exercising than I am with nutrition and diet. Yes, I try to eat a wide range of vegetables, and some fruits, but I certainly let a lot of treats sneak in there as well. I can relate when people say they feel food is an addiction (or at least unhealthy foods). A lot of people find they crave and just have to have certain foods, and these are not always the foods we should be eating in great quantities. So… as well as this documentary with Joe and Phil being incredibly inspiring (watch it next time you have a spare 90 minutes!) I woke up feeling that even if my medical symptoms were non-food-related, it couldn’t hurt to start a healthy and sensible detoxification process. I am not doing a complete fast, and in fact I think this would not be great timing at all with my 10K run fast approaching. I will still be eating carbohydrates and a relatively normal diet leading up to the run. But… I am rethinking what I eat and in what quantities.

I am taking two rest days (Wednesday and Friday) leading up to the big run which falls on Saturday. My first rest day was the day I woke up to the symptoms described above, and I’d also experienced nausea the night before, so instead of tea, dairy, and cereal as I normally would have for breakfast, I stuck with nothing but water all morning: water with fresh lemon juice, water with fresh lime juice. Around the time I would normally have an early lunch (or “second breakfast” as we like to say in our house) I ate a quarter of a pear. I spent the morning shopping with the enthusiasm and inspiration of having just watched the awesome Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary. I don’t own a juicer, so I figured I wouldn’t be able to convert the fresh fruit and vegetables I bought into juice, but, I figured eating all of these fresh fruits and vegetables over the next week or so was going to be great for my health all the same. And then… that afternoon, I did go and buy a juicer. I just had to get one!!

Here are the items I bought:
(some of which I used to make juices, and the rest I used for salads and hot dishes for dinner/lunch)

sweet potato
white and red onions
two bunches of green onions
sugar snap peas
green beans
green and red apples
mini capsicum/bell peppers in red, orange, and yellow
green chilli
red cabbage
snow peas

Maybe the symptoms I experienced were just a sign of dehydration from exercising, as the weather is getting more and more dry now winter is approaching, but it certainly won’t hurt to improve my diet after all the Halloween chocolates, etc! And I am pleased to report I left each of the stores with no processed or packaged foods whatsoever. Bring on the healthy eating and juicing! I am very excited to start this process ūüôā and I really recommend watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. The final scene is extremely emotional! The juicer has been a great investment, and it was only approx. $35 (US).

Stay tuned for some juice recipes coming up on the blog!

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