The Meaning of the Mountain

Mountains can represent many things symbolically and metaphorically: obstacles, making progress, permanence, mental improvement, inspiration and motivation, seclusion, difficulty in rising to a particular emotional state or way of thinking, immovability, a solitary state, freedom, ancient wisdom (“old and wise”), overcoming a difficulty, a challenge for an individual’s spiritual development, enlightenment, achieving goals, pride, optimism, humility, acceptance, possibilities for the future, and living a grand life. They may humble us with their size and drive us to reflect on nature and beauty.

Mountains have symbolic significance in Hinduism and Christianity, and the Taoist, Buddhist, and Chinese traditions also talk of the Great Mountains and the Sacred Mountains. Mountains hold a certain magic and mysticism for many people. I have been feeling and noticing the “meaning of the mountain” myself lately since relocating two years ago to a town with its own mountain. (Check out my photos of it below, and enjoy it for yourself). It has been an important feature in my daily life.

Mountains represent not only the present and the future for me, but also the past. I enjoyed my wedding in the Blue Mountains in Australia, and also spent many school holidays there with my grandparents during my childhood. In my yoga practice we often stand in “Mountain Pose” (Tadasana) with feet firm on the ground, standing tall, and arms overhead. Try it; it feels great!

The mountain in our town holds special significance for me. We have a view of it from our house and from just about everywhere in our small town. To me it represents home, comfort, and familiarity, as well as all of the ideas I listed above, such as achievement, motivation, and overcoming obstacles. This small town we have lived in for the past two years feels like home to me, but I am also aware that there are many wonderful places in the world that have the possibility to feel like home, and I understand that where we are now is not going to be forever. This is probably partly why I am enjoying every minute of it and finding special meaning in the landscape surrounding us.

Above: M Mountain from our house 

Above: M Mountain – View from the golf course 

Above: Winter Snowfall – Mountain view from our house in Winter 


Above: M Mountain – Red Sunrise 

Above: Mountain Sunset Silhouette 

(and photo at top of page: M Mountain with big sky)

As you can see from the many photos I have taken of our mountain, it is very special to me.

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