Month: January 2015


About Me

I’m Bridget, creator of Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme – a lifestyle, food, fitness, and travel blog.   Music was my number one pursuit for the first 30 years of my life, but after dealing with some repetitive strain injury issues while living life as a classical musician, I decided […]


Adventures with Akta-Vite

Hi everyone, I am very happy to announce Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme’s exciting new collaboration with Akta-Vite over the coming months. Disclosure Statement: This post is sponsored by Akta-Vite. The opinions are all my own.  ~ RECIPE DEVELOPMENT ~ Here at Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme I will be creating some […]


Rookie Runner

Tracking Twenty Weeks of Fitness  After travelling internationally for three months last year, where our only real form of exercise was the walking we did when sightseeing, and the ‘weight lifting’ we did carrying suitcases (and baby!) everywhere, I was really looking forward to running when I returned home. As I have […]