Winter Workouts 3: Daily Motivation


Welcome to more Winter Workouts!

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals and motivation lately. Like everybody, from time to time I find it challenging to really motivate myself to put 100% into my workouts, whether this is running, a gym class, or the corrective exercises we are doing as part of the Weight Lifting for Women course.

I’ve decided more than ever that a good way to combat this is to have simple yet serious goals written out for every day of the week. (This includes “rest days”, as the goal on a rest day is exactly that, rest and recovery, and this is just as important as working out)! 

When it comes to focusing on achieving goals on any given day, I must concentrate on quality and not so much on quantity – for me, this goes for everything: fitness, food, social interactions, and writing. The goals also need to be specific. Instead of “I will exercise”, make it “I will run three times per week; this will take place in the mornings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays”, for example.

Day-To-Day Goals: 

“Sleepy Sunday” – Even if Sunday is not always scheduled as a rest day in my fitness diary (it fluctuates from week to week) I do love to relax, spend time with family and friends, and get lots of cooking done for the week ahead. I also want to stress that sleep is very important for your overall mental and physical health. So… Have an early night on Sunday! It’s so easy to stay up late watching movies because it’s still technically the weekend, but you may regret this when feeling tired come Monday morning. Monday is psychologically a “new start” for many people, so start the working week off right!

“Mindful Monday” – It’s Monday! A fresh start! Be mindful of what is on the agenda for the week ahead. Hopefully your daily goals have been thought out and written down for this week, so let’s go about putting your plans into action. Have you made a meal plan for each night’s dinner? Have you set out some health goals such as exercise and rest? Can you sit in silence for a few moments and meditate or relax your mind, even if this is only possible for just a minute before the kids have woken up in the morning or after they’ve gone to sleep at night? Think positive: you are going to have a great week!

“The Tuesday Twenty” – Pick an exercise; anything at all. It could be lunges, squats, burpees, push-ups, or star jumps (jumping jacks). You will only need to set aside a tiny amount of time to achieve this goal of twenty repetitions, and better yet, you may find that it energizes you and you end up doing more than twenty! 😉

“Wellness Wednesday” – You’ve made it to mid-week, so stop to think about your health for a minute. What can you do today to add wellness to your life? It could be anything at all – relaxing with a warm cup of tea and a magazine (maybe only possible when baby is napping if you have a little one at home), making a fresh juice in the morning, adding some fresh vegetables to your dinner, or taking a walk if you are feeling a bit stressed out. Think about your overall wellness: sleep, food, exercise, emotional health. Maybe all you need to do is call a friend or take a short walk to make today great.

“Thankful Thursday” – Are happy people grateful or are grateful people happy? It’s one of those chicken and the egg arguments that researchers in the field of happiness and positive psychology often come across. What we know for sure is, the power of the mind can have a strong influence over how you feel. Focusing on the positives of your day rather than the negatives is a great first step to achieving happiness. For maximum results, write down what you are thankful for. It really works! Remember to thank others as well. Let the people you love know that you are thinking of them and that you appreciate the nice things they have done for you.

“Fitness Friday” – Let’s step it up a notch today. It’s almost the end of the working week, so what can you do to end your week on an energetic note? Can you challenge yourself with some extra exercise? Go for a run, or jump on the treadmill or exercise bike if it’s snowing or raining outside 🙂

“Setting Goals Saturday” – If you have some thinking time today, make Saturday your “Setting-goals-for-the-week-ahead” day. Write out these goals – anything from tiny goals to giant goals. What are your daily goals for the week ahead? Do you have a yoga class you would like to attend? Schedule it in your diary as if it is a doctor’s appointment that you cannot miss!

This Week’s Fitness Diary 


Rest day

Foam roller


Long Weekend: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Academic Holiday – no gym class today

Morning run, and walk with a friend and both our babies

Big afternoon walk with family around the golf course

(Wow, I’m so tired now – I really need that cup of tea… and movie night: The Game from 1997)


Exercises from home: foam roller, plank, push-ups, mini weights, split squats, and stretches


Early morning yoga stretches and foam roller

Morning walks (x2)

Weight Lifting for Women Class #4


Foam roller

Yoga class


Morning walk – the jogging stroller has flat tires at the moment and needs some repairs; this means I’m using the regular stroller for the time being, but it is not so easy to run with this one 🙁 Maybe the wheels on the jogger ran over a cactus 😉 Oh the hazards of living out here in the desert 🙂

Weight Lifting for Women Class #5 – I was able to put much more effort into today’s class (Wednesday was a low energy day but today was much better, and I worked hard during my class).


Foam roller

Morning walk

See you again soon,

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x

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Above: 5K Charity Run (Toy and cash donation) – December, 2014. 
Toy of choice: Play-Doh for the Toys for Tots campaign

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