Walking for Wellness

Today I want to talk a little bit about Walking for Wellness.

Disclaimer: Please see your doctor for advice and discussion of your own unique circumstances.

Walking is a somewhat underrated form of exercise. I try, almost every singe day, to get outside for a walk; it really can make you feel fantastic. I disagree when people say walking (for exercise) does “nothing”. While it may not be as intense a workout as running, bike riding, or lifting weights, a power walk certainly can get the blood pumping and it does wonders for our mental health and overall wellbeing.

Think about times when you’ve been stuck in the house for a few days for whatever reason; just getting out in the fresh, cool air and seeing the blue, sunny sky can have a very real and almost instant effect on our mood and frame of mind.

I was thinking about my Grandma this morning while out on my morning run and walk around the golf course; she lived until the age of 89 and walked her dog every single morning at the park and down by the river. I am sure this daily walk helped with her overall health after surviving heart surgery 21 years earlier. Her surgeon was Dr Victor Chang, who was tragically murdered just five years later in 1991. She described him as a very kind and considerate man. It is sad to think that a man who had a career saving lives had his own life cut way too short.

A note to my readers about my Honesty and Integrity Policy –

I have been approached by several companies to advertise items such as vitamins and weight loss shakes. If you use these items and they work for you then that is great, but I will only be endorsing products I use myself and that work for me. I am happy to be approached with any new products, and I will review these if they are something I would genuinely love and use myself.

There is a place for vitamins in our society – for example, when I was expecting my baby I was prescribed pre-natal vitamins by my obstetrician and I was happy to go with a generic pharmacy brand. Likewise at some points in the pregnancy I was prescribed iron (although it didn’t always agree with my stomach too well so the doctor advised me to stop). And of course I took supplements such as folate (as advised), but I will not be endorsing a particular vitamin brand for everyday multi-vitamins (or vitamin injections), as this is not something I believe in for myself, unless I have a specific reason to take them. If you have a deficiency in a certain vitamin then a supplement makes sense. If not, then focus on balancing out your diet, exercise routine, and sunlight exposure each day. Try to get your vitamins and minerals from foods as much as possible, or book in with a dietician for more information on this.

Similarly with weight loss shakes: there are many healthy ways to watch your weight, including adding protein shakes to a balanced, healthy eating plan. If I genuinely love the taste of a particular protein shake then I will be happy to promote this; however, I won’t support the idea of shakes as complete meal replacements for all three meals per day, as this does not seem like a balanced and healthy eating plan, and it cannot be maintained or sustained in the long term. I have no problem with using juicing or shakes as a part of a healthy diet, and of course this is absolutely fine and excellent if it works for you!

Thanks for taking the time to read these posts and I’ll check in again soon with more adventures from HTT&T. 

If you need a little mood lift today, then why not head out for a walk, and enjoy the many benefits!

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x

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