Winter Workouts 6 & Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody and I hope you are having a great day ūüôā

How have you been feeling lately? 

It is an interesting balance to keep our lives as healthy as possible with enough sleep, social contact, good food, exercise, and with minimal stress, isn’t it?¬†

I was recently sent this article about health and I would like to share it with you today: 

My goals for the coming week –

1).¬†Increase sleep! (There has been a lot going on around here, so rest is¬†much-needed at the moment…)

2.) Decrease exercise just a small amount (in order to avoid burnout later down the track!)

3.)¬†Remember to increase calories when exercising lots, so I can avoid that “wiped out” feeling!


Speaking of life balance and exercise, here are this week’s Winter Workouts


Morning run and cool-down walk

Evening walk 

Light weights Рarms, lunges, split squats (upper and lower body)


Foam roller 

Morning walk 

Weight Lifting for Women – Class #10


Morning run and walk (two mummies, two babies, and two jogging strollers) Рfun!


Morning walk 

Weight Lifting for Women РClass #11


Big morning¬†run and walk – we did some extra hills in today’s workout, phew!

Yoga class 

Foam roller 


Morning walk 

Weight Lifting for Women РClass #12


Easy-paced morning walk 

Scheduled rest day today – After a particularly “low energy” week where I continued to¬†persevere¬†with all¬†of my exercise goals and¬†commitments despite feeling super tired, it’s time for a real rest day! And while normally I may have taken it a bit easier due to feeling fatigued, I chose to push¬†through this week to work on my fitness and¬†strength for the upcoming half marathon this Spring! A date has now been set and as I write this I only have six weeks to go before the event! It all has to balance out somehow¬†though, so I’ve given myself permission to have a much easier week this coming week (looking forward to that)!

And now it’s time to enjoy the Valentine’s Day long weekend (as it is Presidents’ Day Public Holiday on Monday as well!)

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by,

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