Half Marathon Check List

Only a week to go until the half marathon!

I am very excited about it, but it’s also just a little bit scary, so I’m feeling a little nervous at the same time. It’s crazy to think that in a week from now it will be all over!

I have created a check list so I don’t forget any items on the big day.

Half Marathon Check List

What To Take:

A small backpack (with water bladder) to hold everything 

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Light jacket with hood in case of rain, wind, or cold weather (lucky for me it almost never rains here in New Mexico, but the wind in spring is definitely something to watch out for)!

Leggings in case of cold weather 

Tylenol/Panadol (in case of hip/back/knee pain, or if a nasty headache strikes)

Water (I know the race organizers often provide water along the way, but I like to use the tube attached to the backpack bladder so I can drink as I run)

What To Eat:

Breakfast! – fruit, eggs, bread

Akta-Vite for an early morning milkshake (using my shaker) to start off the day

Snacks for along the way (crackers, hard boiled egg slices with salt and pepper, protein bars)

Protein shakes for along the way (I like the Special K protein shakes – chocolate or strawberry)

What To Wear:




My red racing skirt

Comfortable T shirt

Sports socks and running shoes (I wouldn’t be much use without my running shoes, would I?)

Arm band with pocket to holds items such as phone and keys

Things To Do:

Check weather report closer to the time


Mentally prepare myself for what will certainly be my greatest challenge yet… 

Here is the plan I would like to follow, but of course I will see how I feel on the day:

Half Marathon Plan of Action 

Miles 1-6: Run for the first six miles (I know I can do this as I did a 10K race last year)

Miles 7 & 8: Power Walk

Miles 9 & 10: Run

Miles 11 & 12: Power Walk

Mile 13(.1): Run! 

Catch up with you again soon,

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x
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