HTT&T Turns One!


Hi to my wonderful readers!

I am so excited to announce that today marks Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme’s One Year Anniversary/Birthday! 

(Hmm, so which is it? Anniversary or Birthday?) 

Well, it is the one year anniversary since I started HTT&T but birthdays sound fun too, so let’s go with: 

“HTT&T Turns One!”

Not only that, but today with this very blog entry I am also celebrating my 100th post! 

Twice as much to celebrate!! 

And what better way to celebrate than a 5K run this morning (raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis) followed by a High Tea from Home”.

Above and below: Preparing the mini sandwiches for high tea
Don’t forget to cut off the crusts 🙂

~ On the Menu ~

Mini Sandwiches:

Cucumber and Cheese 

Egg Mayonnaise
Tuna Salad 

A selection of teas including Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast Tea, Taylors of Harrogate 
Scottish Breakfast Tea, and Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea

Recipes for the High Tea Mini Sandwiches:
Cucumber & Cheese: Finely sliced cucumber and slices of sharp tasty cheese
Egg Mayonnaise: Sliced hard boiled eggs and mayonnaise
Tuna Salad: Tuna, finely diced green/spring onions, finely diced celery, and mayonnaise 

I have made so many wonderful online connections since starting the blog. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it, supported it, and provided inspiration and motivation. 


You can check out a list of my favourite blogs here.

And to finish with today, A Few Fun Facts About HTT&T:
1). HTT&T first began in a Massachusetts coffee house, exactly one year ago today.
2). My current home is New Mexico, USA, and the only other home I have known (so far) is Sydney, Australia.

3). Topics here at HTT&T include: Yoga & Health, Travel & Travel with Baby, Wellness & Fitness, Food & Recipes, and Running & Walking.
4). The most popular posts written by HTT&T have so far been “World Travel with Baby on Board”, and two posts from our Interview Series (NYC restaurant and coffee shop, and the psychology program to build resilience in school-age children).
5). The Interview Series has been very special here at HTT&T, as it showcases a wide range of topics such as travel, fitness, food, emotional well-being, yoga, more yoga!, dental health care, plus even more travel, just to name a few 😉

I have many more topics for blog posts in the works… some of which will be a big surprise!
Thanks for stopping by.

See you again soon,

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x

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