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Rookie Runner Recap: I took up running regularly nine months ago when baby was about ten months old, and when I felt I had gotten enough of my energy back after becoming a parent for the very first time. My first ever 5K in September 2014 took me around 35 minutes, and now I average about 31-33 minutes per 5K. I’m a slow runner and I am fully aware and prepared that I will need to alternate running and walking for the upcoming half marathon. When I did my 5Ks and 10K I managed to run the whole distance without stopping to walk, so I consider that to be a pretty big achievement! My goal for the half marathon is simply to complete the event. This will be a huge accomplishment for me and I am determined to reach my goal.
Running Events (so far…) for 2015


Winter 5K Run (so cold!), New Mexico, Saturday, 28 February, 9am – 5K Time: 31 mins, 25 sec

Almost Spring 5K Run (much warmer!), New Mexico, Saturday, 14 March, 9am – 5K Time: 31 mins, 08 sec

St Patrick’s Run, New Mexico, Saturday, 21 March, 8:30am – 5K Time: 32 mins, 21 sec

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Run, New Mexico, Saturday, 18 April, 8:30am – 5K Time: 33 mins, 27 sec

Zoo Run, New Mexico, Sunday, 3 May, 7am – Half Marathon: 13.1 miles/21 km (My greatest challenge yet!)


Events prior to 2015 (when I was a total newbie…)

18K Walk, Tasmania, Australia, January, 2012 (this gives me an idea of how far 21K will be!)

Run for Your Life/Diabetes Prevention/Presbyterian Hospital, New Mexico, Saturday, 20 September, 2014, 5K Time: (approx.) 35 mins

Science Education Desert Trail Race, New Mexico, Saturday, 8 November, 2014, 10K Time: (approx.) 75 mins

Toys for Tots Charity Run, New Mexico, 13 December, 2014, 5K Time: (approx.) 31 mins 

The Seasons: Starting My Races
Above:  The End of Fall – My Last 5K Run for 2014, and…
Below: Well and Truly Winter – My First 5K Run for 2015 

Stay tuned for another post about the Half Marathon coming up soon in Albuquerque, NM. 

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