Whatever the Question, Yoga is the Answer

Hello again!

I have written a little bit about Life Balance and Finding Balance on the blog already, and I once again find myself drawn to this topic. 

I am coming to the end of my Weight Lifting for Women course which I loved, and I feel that I have improved my Strength, Stamina, and Well-Being due to taking these classes. 

What I also noticed, interestingly, is that I really missed Yoga classes during this time, as I had to cut down to one Yoga class a week (instead of the usual two) to fit the Weight Lifting course into my timetable. I still do some Yoga stretches at home from time to time, but it’s not quite the same as taking a class for a full hour with no distractions.

What I discovered, and what I now know for sure, is that Yoga really is the number one thing I need in my life when it comes to exercise. I love Walking, Bike Riding, and Roller Blading, I’m getting more experience with Running (I now have 9 months of regular running under my belt) and I also really love Weight Lifting (as well as other things I’ve tried over the years such as Tai Chi, Pilates, Kick Boxing, and Karatebut what I am sure of is that Yoga helps me in so many ways; in ways that I didn’t even realize until I was doing less of it.

Yoga helps me sleep better, it decreases anxiety and stress, and it (more obviously) stretches my body as faaarrrr as my flexibility will allow, which really is the most amazing feeling! 🙂

I can now say with 100% certainty after trying many forms of exercise (all of which I genuinely love), Yoga is the answer for me. 

It took 13 years for me to learn this important lesson (that’s how long I’ve been doing Yoga), but I am just grateful that I learned it at all!

I still intend to mix up my exercise routine as much as possible, and I plan to include plenty of Running, Walking, and Resistance Training, but I think I also need to keep Yoga classes to at least twice a week in my diary now and not reduce this number unless I absolutely have to!

For me, Whatever the Question (i.e. sleep issues/insomnia; back pain from running; stress or anxiety – basically anything at all to do with Mental and Physical Health), Yoga is the Answer.

Thanks for stopping by.

See you again soon,

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x

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