My First Ever Half Marathon (Albuquerque, USA)

“My body is the earth, my mind is the sky, my heart is the ocean”
Event: Half Marathon 
Distance: 13.1 miles (or 21 kilometres)
Date:  Sunday, May 3, 2015

Starting Time: 7am 
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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My first half marathon went pretty well! In fact, I’d say it went better than I expected. I certainly ran more of it than I thought I would (I was expecting to alternate walking and running far more than I ended up having to). Including lining up for two bathroom breaks it was all over within three hours. I ran the first five miles in about an hour (so that averages a twelve minute mile), and then similarly with the second five miles. The final three miles felt great psychologically because I knew what was remaining was the length of a 5K (which I have done many times now). The final two or three miles were definitely the toughest physically because my knees were starting to hurt by then, so I alternated a bit more walking with running, and I sure was happy to get to that finish line after running the final 1.1 mile!

Pre-Run and Post-Run Recovery: Egg sandwiches and milkshakes got me through

Here is my timeline of the event:

Ran 5 miles (approx. one hour)

First bathroom break

Ran another 5 miles, with a small amount of walking here and there (approx. one hour)

Second bathroom break 

Ate a slice of bread to keep the nausea away

Ran and walked 2 miles

Ran final 1.1 mile – my knees, ankles, and legs (but mostly my knees) were really starting to hurt by this stage

Favourite moment during the run:

Spotting two gorgeous donkeys (one white and one grey) at a farmhouse along the way

Mantras I said to myself:

(it really helps!)

Before the Run:

“It’s just two x 10Ks (plus an extra K!), and you’ve done a 10K – so you can do this!”

“It’s just four x 5Ks (plus an extra K!), and you’ve done lots of 5Ks now – you can do this!”

During the Run:

“My body is the earth, my mind is the sky, my heart is the ocean” – my favourite mantra

“Think about the next goal you will achieve after this one has been completed – it’s something you have really, really wanted…” (Stay tuned for more on this)

“You can do it!”

After the Run:

“You did it!!”

“I can’t quite believe I just ran 21km!”

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