Spring Sessions 8: Food & Fitness

Welcome to another week of Spring Sessions. 

This week’s focus is on food and fitness. 

The philosophy at HTT&T is one of balance and moderation. Please check with your dietician or doctor to work out a healthy eating plan that is right for you. 

Sunday’s big event was the half marathon. In this week’s workout diary I have written a timeline of how the day went before, during, and after the race. 

I took it easier for the rest of this week to balance things out after the event. Thankfully I didn’t need as much recovery time as I thought I would, and things went back to normal pretty quickly after the big day.

Sunday Timeline

4am Wake Up


Water with lemon juice

Yogurt and segments of mandarin oranges

2 hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper

Akta-Vite (chocolate milk)

Half Marathon in Albuquerque – Run for the Zoo: 13.1 miles

During the Race: At the 10 mile mark I ate a slice of bread to keep my energy up, and I drank plenty of water throughout the run. I had packed some protein bars and protein shakes just in case I needed them along the way, but didn’t end up using these during the event. I wanted to be extra prepared for my first big run so I packed a little more than what I needed into my backpack.

After the Race: Plain crackers and more water, followed by my post-run meal of garlic shrimp and mac’n’cheese with lots of broccoli at the Flying Star cafe in Albuquerque. I also enjoyed a peanut butter and chocolate shake later in the afternoon

Dinner at home: Tomato-based pasta (we mainly eat vegetarian at home)

Sleep: 8pm (it was nice to go to bed early after my 4am wake-up!)


Rest and Recovery Day: A great surprise to me was just how normal I felt after the half marathon. Apart from slightly sore knees, I felt fine and I even considered going for a walk with baby, but a rain storm altered those plans and I spent my recovery day at home in the end…


Yoga class

Cooking day: Lecho (see recipe here) with polenta 


Meal preparation (I often do this on a Monday but this week I did my cooking on Tuesday and Wednesday instead) 

Food shopping!



Yoga class 


Rest day 


Day trip to Albuquerque for lunch and shopping 🙂

How did you balance out your week? I find it can sometimes be a bit of trial and error with working out the right balance when it comes to exercising, eating, and sleeping, but I’m happy to say this week turned out pretty well. I hope you had a great week and until next time –

Bye for now!

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x

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