My Fitness Interview, The Liebster Awards Update, Plus More…

Stockholm – the first stop on our around-the-world adventures

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.

A quick update from Sweden!

Four things to mention today…

Firstly, I was recently interviewed by South African Mommy & Baby Wellness Blog: A Diary of a Fit SA Mommy, discussing how I got my strength back and returned to my goal weight after having my baby.

You can read the interview here: 

Mommy Weight Loss Series – Bridget Hales

Secondly, my Liebster Award update –

I was recently nominated for this award (which is all about discovering new blogs) and you can find the original post here: 

Liebster Award 11 – 11 – 11

The updated rules require 11 nominees (instead of 2) so here is my new list (and I have to add that there are so many awesome blogs out there so it was not easy narrowing it down to these 11).

My original 2 nominees are:

1. Carrots and Cake: Balanced Nutrition Consulting (Winnipeg, Canada)

2. Georgia Hathaway: Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle (Wales, UK)

To take the tally up to 11, here are 9 new nominees:

3. A Touch Of Southern Grace: Fashion, Style, & Tradition (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

4. This Sweet Bliss (Arlington, Washington, USA)

5. Little Mountain Momma (Denver, Colorado, USA)

6. First Love Yourself (FLY) Then Shine (California, USA)

7. Nerdy Dirty Flirty 30: Celebrating the Beautifully Imperfect (Australia)

8. Moments Big & Small: Welcome To Parenthood (New York and Connecticut, USA)

9. Mommy & Baby Wellness Blog: A Diary of a Fit SA Mommy (South Africa)

10. Greens & Chocolate: Where Healthy Eating Meets Sinful Indulgence (Minnesota, USA)

11. Extra Sparkles Please (Toronto, Canada) 

Thirdly, check out this quirky article on some of the hidden benefits of exercise:

And lastly, I wanted to do a little update on my Dress Challenge

Being a stay-at-home-parent (and one who likes to exercise almost every day) I find I pretty much live in workout clothes, so the challenge I set myself was to wear all the dresses I have packed for this two month world trip before we return home. My original challenge was “9 dresses in 9 weeks” but this has been upscaled to “11 dresses in 9 weeks” as I brought a couple of extra ones with me for the trip 🙂 

I can happily say I have worn 3 so far during our stay in Sweden, but it is definitely a lot colder than we were expecting here (it feels more like winter than summer most days) so that has been a small obstacle to overcome. I’m hoping to get some wear out of the remaining 8 over the next few weeks of our trip. It will be winter in Australia when we are there, but I have leggings and blazers to go with the dresses so this should work out okay, and then we have more travel within the USA where it will be summer so I will definitely get some more wear out of them then. All in all the challenge isn’t going too badly 😉

My Dress Challenge while I am away on travels: to wear all the dresses I’ve packed in my suitcase by the time I return home (11 dresses in 9 weeks)

See you again soon,

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, & Thyme x

~ Please Join Me On This Journey Around The World ~


Thanks to This Mom Blog for my Liebster Award nomination!

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