Non Dairy Milk Taste Test

This is not a sponsored post. It is simply a taste test of dairy milk alternatives.
As always, I’m going to be perfectly real here: 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve liked the taste of both dairy milk and soy milk the best (I love a good milkshake, and I’m happy with either of these types of milk in my milkshake) but due to some recent health concerns, I am testing out some alternatives for these.  
The four different types of milk I tried in this taste test were hemp milk, coconut milk, oat milk, and almond milk.
In the past I have also tried cashew milk and rice milk, but I’m not a huge fan of these (and if I had to pick, I prefer the cashew milk over the rice milk). The rice milk I tried was very sweet, and the cashew milk is actually not too bad, but I don’t think it’s something I would want to use every day, as it has quite a strong flavour.
I’m sure it does depend a lot on the brands as well, but for the purpose of this post this is not a discussion of brands, just the food products themselves.

And please note: This post is not evaluating the nutritional value or content of these milks; just the genuine opinions and conclusions I came to as a result of this taste test, because, hey, if it doesn’t taste good, there’s not much point, right? In that case it would be better not to drink it at all!

So, on to the current taste test results:

The oat milk gets my vote for first place, even though it was quite sweet. The sweetness could be a good thing however, as when I used it on my cereal I didn’t even need to add any honey to it, because the oat milk was sweet enough already. It tasted pretty good in tea (this is very important), which is another reason why it came first in my taste test. 🙂 

The almond milk gets second place, again mostly because it wasn’t too bad in my tea. 😉 It was not too sweet, but would still take some getting used to for everyday use. 
In third place I voted for the hemp milk; it is not sweet which is great, and I could imagine it would go well as a dairy milk substitute in baking. I wasn’t too keen on it in my tea, however, and it would still take some getting used to if you are only familiar with drinking dairy milk.
That leaves fourth place for the coconut milk. It was okay, but reminded me a bit of medicine when taste tested on its own (not a good thing). However, I’m sure in baking and cooking it would be quite delicious! I get the feeling it would work well in coffee, but I’m not a coffee drinker, and I just really didn’t like it in my tea.

Taste Test: Hemp Milk, Coconut Milk, Oat Milk, and Almond Milk

The funny thing is, on initial tasting (on their own), I voted:

1. Hemp
2 . Oat
3. Coconut
4. Almond

But… on a second tasting (in my tea, and therefore my final verdict) this changed to:

1. Oat 
2. Almond
3. Hemp
4. Coconut 

… which means the oat milk is a clear winner (in the top two), the coconut milk not so much (in the bottom two), and it really looks like I just can’t make my mind up about the hemp and almond milks.

The Real Test, i.e. The “Tea Test”: what do they taste like in tea?

A little inconclusive, I realize… 

This milk thing is a little moody. 

And subjective.

Like anything, I guess it is going to take some detective work and some adjustment. 

Ah, I think I really need a cup of tea with some half and half right about now… 🙂

Question of the Day: What is your favourite type of milk?
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