Staying Healthy & Active When Traveling (Fit Travel Series Part I)

Our home for the first week of our stay in Sweden – great views!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the first instalment of my Fit Travel Series.

We made it to Sweden (!!) and we are having a great time enjoying late Spring/early Summer in Stockholm!

One of the topics I wanted to focus on during our travels (and one of my current goals) is staying fit and active while travelling. After being away from home for one week now (with 8 weeks to go), I am happy to report that so far things have been going very smoothly.

Here are some of my tips:

1) Getting into a routine is important (if you can). I try to get out the door for a morning run or walk every morning so that I can start the day off the right way (provided I am feeling okay and not too jet lagged). Even if I am a bit jet lagged and feeling slightly tired, there is still a great deal of benefit to getting out and about. However, if severe fatigue sets in then I would recommend sleep over anything else.

2) Another thing I would recommend is going outdoors and into the sunlight in order to get into the new time zone as quickly as possible. Of course this can be tricky, especially when travelling with a baby, but having a plan of action and a schedule to help baby recover from the jet lag and adjust to the new time zone is very important.

3) I plan my exercise for daylight hours and almost always for first thing in the morning so that it will get done and nothing else will get in the way. This goes for both when I am at home and when travelling. As I’ve said many times, make an appointment with yourself and treat it like you cannot cancel. It is non-negotiable (unless due to illness) so make that commitment to your health, even when travelling! Once it becomes a habit, there really is not as much effort required to stick to your plans.

So there it is: R-O-C! 

Get into a Routine 
(because consistency is the key).

Go Outdoors (because sunlight is your friend).

Make the Commitment to get active and stay active! (because once it becomes a habit it gets much easier).

Put these plans into action and you will ROC it! 😉

Of course there are times where illness is unavoidable during travel, especially when you catch something airborne after being in a confined space with lots of other commuters, such as on planes, buses, or trains. Apart from using plenty of hand sanitizer and wet wipes, washing your hands thoroughly at every opportunity, and possibly wearing a mask if you are travelling through high-risk areas, there is not a lot that can be done. After all, if you really think about it, when the flight attendant hands you a drink they have already been in contact with all of the other passengers on the flight as well, so there is a pretty high chance you may become unwell at some point during your extended travels. So, be realistic in your expectations of what your travel or vacation is going to be, but also hope for the best!

For optimal health and happiness, get as much rest and sleep as you can, engage in moderate exercise as discussed above, drink plenty of water (flying can be extremely dehydrating), and all in all aim for the best, be prepared for the worst, and keep your expectations realistic. There may be days you don’t feel well or you feel extra tired, and that is understandable when travelling, especially when it is internationally and with a baby/toddler/young children, but you can still have a great time, particularly if you have planned ahead and have the tools you need to get you through!

A Few Reminder Items To Take On Your Travels:

Walking shoes/running shoes

Comfortable clothes for the long flight (and carry on spare clothes for mum, dad, baby)

Wet wipes, baby wipes, face wipes – whatever is relevant for you

Mini bottles of hand sanitizer

Mini moisturizers for hands and face

Comfortable socks and shoes for the flight 

Extra snacks and water bottles – if allowed on your flight

For Flying With Babies & Children:

Snacks, toys, drinks, educational iPad games, books, familiar blanket/pillow or car seat

This Week’s Travel Diary:

All in all things have been going really well with our travels. Our toddler has adjusted to the new time zone very well and we are all happy and healthy so far which we have to be thankful for every day.

Sunday – Arrived in Sweden 

Monday – Explored Stockholm, and found the most amazing food hall with gorgeous stalls!

Tuesday – Morning and evening walks with baby stroller

Wednesday – Morning run and walk with baby stroller

Thursday – Rainy-stay-indoors-kind-of-day today

Friday: Midsummer Public Holiday – Explored some more of a very rainy Stockholm 

Saturday – Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant (plus explored lots lots more of Stockholm today)

I will continue to do updates of how things are going along the way.

Stay happy and healthy, wherever you are in the world, and enjoy the journey!

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x

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  1. Great tips for staying active during traveling. It is important to enjoy vacation and stay healthy.

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Megan. I look forward to checking out your blog too 🙂

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