Happy New Year - Snow

Happy New Year everyone!

How was your Christmas and New Year and what did you get up to?

We had a fantastic Christmas with a huge snowfall the day after Christmas (the biggest our town has seen since 1980)! Over the Christmas break we enjoyed a couple of lunches out around the town, as well as cooking up a big vegetarian feast on Christmas Day. We spent Christmas Eve looking at the lights around the town, and all in all it was a fun and relaxing Christmas. I also made a chocolate cream pecan pie (recipe coming soon on the blog).

The week between Christmas and New Year was nice and quiet and I enjoyed the time without any major commitments. We spent New Year’s Eve in Albuquerque which was lots of fun too.

Now it is time to focus on 2016 and what it is to come in the year ahead!

One of my big goals and news to share for this year is the new website and blog I am creating for fitness and healthy living. HTT&T has always had a mix of food, fitness, travel, and various lifestyle topics, and this year I am planning to share these topics between two blogs (focusing more on travel and food with HTT&T, and focusing more on fitness and motivation with the new website/blog). Of course sometimes these topics will overlap, but I look forward to spending time on the new website and blog this year and beyond (stay tuned for more on this in the near future)!

Other news…

For health reasons I have to take it a little easier during the pregnancy now, and so I will begin running again after Baby #2 joins us in mid-2016. I am still able to do yoga and walking and light weights, and I very much look forward to the yoga retreat I will be attending (coming up very very soon – look out for a post on the retreat here at HTT&T in January).

So the major goals for 2016 are pretty clear: New baby, new website and blog, and staying as healthy and active as possible throughout the pregnancy. Also, continuing with a new project I have been collaborating on since mid-2015 (a hint about what is to come: the topics we are writing about for this one include happiness, motivation, and mental health and well-being).

What are your plans for the year? I’d love to hear from you!

See you again soon,

Bridget @ Hot Tea, Travel, and Thyme x

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