Happy December & 2018!

Hi Everybody,

Happy December!

It is amazing to think another year has come and gone. Time certainly moves fast when things are busy. We will soon be celebrating Christmas followed by one year of living in the UK!

If you happen to have some New Year resolutions in mind or you would like to get started on becoming more organized, less stressed, and finding more life-balance, please consider our new eBook which is now available online at:

Balancing Act: 31 Days To Health & Happiness.

Give the 31 Day Balancing Act program a try and let us know how you find it. We can’t wait to hear from you!

And while we are on the topic of health and happiness, if Cross Fit is something you have heard about and would like to learn more about, please check out the following article here.

I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Year, and I look forward to sharing lots more with you in 2018.


Bridget x



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