HTT&T Turns Four!

Hello Friends!

This month (on April 18) we celebrate FOUR years of Hot Tea Travel & Thyme!

Four years ago we were on our first world trip with baby on board, “Around The World In 88 Days”. I had come up with an idea to start a travel and lifestyle blog shortly before we left home for this big trip, and I created the blog and published the first post at a coffeehouse in Massachusetts during our travels. Since that day, we have traveled to many more places, had a second baby, and even relocated from the USA to the UK.

My goal for the blog was to work on it for five years, and as long as it remained fun (and interesting) for me, I would continue with it. So far it is still fun, and although I post less frequently than I used to, I still love to keep this blog as a diary of what we have been up to when it comes to travel, photos, and recipes.

If in another year it is no longer fun then I will stop, but for the time being, I am happy to continue with it. And I will make sure to reassess in a year’s time and decide whether I want to continue with Hot Tea Travel & Thyme into the future.

What other news can I report for this month?

Spring has arrived in England after a long Winter, so we are thankful for that.

I am continuing with writing my memoirs, and this is one of the main reasons I have made less posts here on the blog, as my main focus for this year is to complete and publish the memoirs.

I returned to my running group and will continue to train for The Great North Run Half Marathon, coming up in September.

As well as running I’ve been working out using an 80 day workout program, and I will be alternating these workouts with my PiYO workouts.

All in all, it is just more of usual life to report with my focus being on running and writing for the time being.

We have some big plans in place over the next year or so, but they are still secret plans at this stage, so I can’t say any more about this right now. I will reveal more about this as soon as I am able. 🙂

Wishing you all a wonderful April and I will speak with you again soon,

Bridget @ Hot Tea Travel & Thyme 





  1. Happy blog birthday!!

    Oooh… big plans… the suspense!

    • Bridget Hales

      Thank you, Kyla!

      I’m going to email you now to tell you our plans, because I know it is something you are going to appreciate and relate to!! 🙂

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