Hot Tea Travel & Thyme Heads HOME!


Hello Friends,

We are rejoicing this week here at the House of Hales as we have the most wonderful news to share.

Over the last year or two we have been discussing where we would like our “forever home” to be.

Many different ideas came up in conversation: Canada, New Zealand, Montana USA, Perth in Australia… We thought about them all!

There was one place that really stood out to us as a favourite of ours, and a place we will be truly happy to call home.

Our dream of living back in New Mexico USA has now come true, and we will be relocating there to make a permanent home in just four short months.

New Mexico has really felt like home to us after we spent four years living there, from late 2012 until late 2016. Our kids were born there too, so it is easy to see why it feels like home for us.


We look forward to sharing more of our travel journey with you here at Hot Tea Travel & Thyme. 

“The story can’t be over…

We’ve lost our minds and found our souls,

We’ve left our hearts in New Mexico”. 

Love, Bridget x 

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