My Second Great North Run

Hello Friends,

On Sunday I ran the Great North Run Half Marathon for the second year, here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

I think I enjoyed the event even more than last year, and this might have been partly as I know it is my last one, so I tried to be very mindful of that. We relocate back to the USA in just one week!

Here is a little summary of my 13.1 mile run on Sunday:

I ran the first ten miles slowly, stopping for an energy gel at the end of mile 6 and again at the end of mile 10. I walked miles 11 and 12, and then slowly ran the final mile.

It was my third half marathon in total, and my second here in the UK (my first one was in Albuquerque USA in 2015).

A couple of things to note that I have improved with:

In my first half marathon I took two bathroom breaks, in my second I took one bathroom break, and this time I took none, so I was happy with that progress I have made! (Lining up for bathrooms obviously slows you down quite a lot).

As for my times, with my first half marathon I did it in just under three hours (2.57, from what I can remember), my second time around it was 3.17, and this time it was 3.10. I’ve accepted that I am a slow runner and that I usually take three hours for this distance. The winner of the event came in at just under one hour, and most of my friends from my running group took between 2-3 hours.

My goal is always just to finish the event, and not to worry about how fast I can do it. It was such a fun event with a great atmosphere, and I had a wonderful time, so I am happy with how the day went overall. I also raised money for the UK mental health charity Mind, and I thank you all for your kind donations. 🙂

Now it is time to once again focus on our upcoming relocation back to New Mexico, USA. We are very excited about the move and we will be there in time for the first day of Fall!

Wishing you a wonderful remainder of the Summer, and Happy Autumn!

Bridget @ Hot Tea Travel & Thyme x


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  1. Finishing a half-marathon is impressive, regardless of time! I think just being out there and doing it is what counts. Although, for me it is often hard to resist the temptation to compare. I will never be a runner but enjoy mountain biking. While I know that just being out on the trails is the important part, I am always aware that I’m the one out there going the slowest, on the cheapest bike, and walking my bike over terrain that the other bikers don’t think twice about riding.

    I know that none of those things matter, but they still pop into my head. Of course, then there’s all those people that are at home sitting on their rears watching TV.

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