Welcome, September!

In some ways this month has arrived on our doorstep very slowly, but in other ways it has crept up extremely quickly. It’s funny how that works!

So.. what is happening in our world here at the House of Hales this September?

We have a very meaningful and memorable month ahead:

* I run the Great North Run Half Marathon! It will be my third half marathon, and my second here in the UK. Thank you to everyone who donated (all fundraising goes directly to UK mental health charity, Mind). 

* We celebrate our oldest “baby” turning 5!

* We celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary!

* We say farewell to the UK and return to live in New Mexico, USA!

* I finish editing my memoirs. The book is all finished now; it just needs some final edits which will be all done by mid-September (my deadline is coming up before we fly back to the USA).

* On our first full day back in New Mexico we will be waking up to the Last Day of Summer! (And I love the Fall!)

All in all, it is a hugely exciting and special time for our family this September.

I hope you have something special planned for this month too!

Sending lots of love to all our friends and family,

Bridget @ Hot Tea Travel & Thyme x

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  1. So much cool stuff for one month! I’m excited to meetup with you once you get back to NM. 🙂

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