Reflections: Celebrating 200 Posts!

Hi Friends, Today I celebrate 200 posts here at HTT&T, and I’ve decided to focus today’s post on revisiting my 2018 goals as the year quickly draws to a close. I finished writing my memoirs, so this first goal was achieved (after a long and difficult process!) I worked on my new […]

Our (Second) New Mexican Relocation!

Hello Friends, The last two weeks have been a whirlwind: Packing up all our belongings in the UK and relocating back to the US! We have recovered from jet lag and have been happily living back in New Mexico USA for the past week. It is amazing being back. Things […]

My Second Great North Run

Hello Friends, On Sunday I ran the Great North Run Half Marathon for the second year, here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I think I enjoyed the event even more than last year, and this might have been partly as I know it is my last one, so I tried to be very […]


  Welcome, September! In some ways this month has arrived on our doorstep very slowly, but in other ways it has crept up extremely quickly. It’s funny how that works! So.. what is happening in our world here at the House of Hales this September? We have a very meaningful […]

Farewell, UK ( + Giveaway!)

Hello Friends, It is almost time for us to say goodbye to the UK! We’ve spent the last twenty months living here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in northern England, and in just a few short weeks we will be flying back to our home in New Mexico, USA. This month is a busy […]

Hot Tea Travel & Thyme Heads HOME!

  Hello Friends, We are rejoicing this week here at the House of Hales as we have the most wonderful news to share. Over the last year or two we have been discussing where we would like our “forever home” to be. Many different ideas came up in conversation: Canada, […]