Cheesy Leeks Recipe: St David’s Day (Wales)

Hi Friends, As most people are aware, St Patrick’s Day (the feast day for the patron saint of Ireland) is coming up on Friday 17th March, 2017, but did you know that there was another saint’s day that fell on Wednesday 1st March, 2017? That’s right, it was St David’s […]

Scents of Thyme

Today’s post does not feature any sponsored content; I am simply sharing products I use and love. Hello Friends! Like a favourite song from the past, a pleasant scent can take you back to a time long long ago in the history of your life. Scents have a way of […]

Anthony’s Amazing Potato Salad

  Hello everyone, Today I am going to treat you all to a guest post and recipe from my wonderful friend and fellow food-lover Anthony. Here it is: A Most Amazing Potato Salad! “I’m so happy to share this recipe with you all. I think there is nothing better than potato […]

World Travel: From South-West USA To North-East UK

Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.  Hello, and Happy (albeit belated) New Year! Yes, it is almost February… Things have been busy to say the least, as we’ve spent the last month or more on an around-the-world adventure with our pre-schooler and baby. For a quick recap, we packed up our house […]

Practising Gratitude: December

Hi Friends, How are you doing? Things are getting very busy and exciting here. We are about to leave the USA to spend the holidays with friends and family in Australia, followed by our move to a new home in the UK. This month, what am I grateful for? Quite […]

Thanksgiving 2016: Our USA Anniversary

  Hi everyone, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all! This year we celebrate four years living in the USA. Thanksgiving 2012 was when we left the big city of Sydney, Australia, for the small town of Socorro, New Mexico, USA. Our desert home here in New Mexico is surrounded by mountains, and we […]