Memories of New York, New York

Last year we returned to our new home in the USA after spending five weeks in Europe and decided to do a short trip to New York City for what would be my last ever “pre-kids” Birthday. Four days there seemed to be the perfect amount of time, as being […]

Yoga and Rainbows

  Sunday was a very special day for me, as it was the first time I have ever taken a private one-on-one yoga class. I had been looking forward to this session for a while now and I really got so much out of the hour and learnt a lot. […]

Summer Summary 2: Meal Ideas

Welcome to my second Summer Summary. Let’s get straight into it: fitness, food, film, fine music, and fun! This Week’s Recipes: Simple recipes are great when time-limited and dealing with other life ‘stuff’, whether that is full-time work, 24/7 baby care, etc. Sometimes it’s easiest to put together fast meals […]

The Challenges of Travel

I’ve been meaning to write a post on The Challenges of Travel for quite some time now, and I finally have a bit of time to get my notes (and my thoughts) together, as baby is sleeping. So here we go… To be honest, and to give a fair representation of […]