How Yoga Changed My Life

It’s Sunday morning here and I have just done some yoga stretching which feels amazing after yesterday’s run. This has led me to feel compelled to tell you a bit about how yoga has changed my life (for the better!) From the age of five I played violin, and from the age […]

Baby and Body

Today I thought I would tell you a bit about my current exercise routine and food choices post-baby. Disclaimer: Please speak with a dietician, doctor, and/or fitness trainer to help you with your own routine. Having a baby (pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding) is a huge thing for our bodies to […]

Embrace Your Age!

I recently had a Birthday. And like every year, I celebrated my day. It was my first Birthday as a parent which I think is a very special thing. But… whatever your circumstances, I encourage you to celebrate your next Birthday. I have noticed that a lot of people really […]

Around the World in 88 Days

We have recently returned from our big trip which literally took us Around the World in 88 Days. Our first stops were within the USA (the country in which we are currently living). We went to San Francisco and Monterey in California, Charlottesville in Virginia, and Amherst and Boston in […]

Hungarian Homecooked Heaven

Travel is a wonderful thing and I am very thankful for the opportunity; however, there is something so nice about being back at home. In fact, make that many things, including having access to my own kitchen! In honour of heading back home, here is a little bit of home-cooked heaven: […]

All in a Day’s Work

Lasagne is a dish that takes a bit of effort and preparation, but I feel it is definitely worth it. As with anything, it’s great to work hard and enjoy the results. All in a day’s work, after all! Here is a vegetarian lasagne recipe I modified from one of […]