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Scents of Thyme

Today’s post does not feature any sponsored content; I am simply sharing products I use and love. Hello Friends! Like a favourite song from the past, a pleasant scent can take you back to a time long long ago in the history of your life. Scents have a way of […]

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Happy New Year everyone! How was your Christmas and New Year and what did you get up to? We had a fantastic Christmas with a huge snowfall the day after Christmas (the biggest our town has seen since 1980)! Over the Christmas break we enjoyed a couple of lunches out […]


Awesome Autumn

Happy Autumn! Hi everyone and welcome to the brand new Hot Tea Travel & Thyme! It is an exciting time: Fall has arrived and I’m happy to share my new website with you today. The HTT&T “complete makeover” has taken place over the past few weeks, and that is why all […]