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The Challenges of Travel

I’ve been meaning to write a post on The Challenges of Travel for quite some time now, and I finally have a bit of time to get my notes (and my thoughts)┬átogether, as baby is sleeping. So here we go… To be honest, and to give a fair representation of […]


World Travel with Baby on Board

Our three month “Around the World in 88 Days” trip took us to Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Croatia, Germany, and to more states within the USA. Planning ahead really was key when it came to travelling with a baby. Our little one was six months old when we began our […]


Around the World in 88 Days

We have recently returned from our big trip which literally took us Around the World in 88 Days. Our first stops were within the USA (the country in which we are currently living). We went to San Francisco and Monterey in California, Charlottesville in Virginia, and Amherst and Boston in […]